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Fait de ta vie un rêve, et d'un rêve une réalité.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Inspiration Mer - Seaside Inspired - Meeres Inspiration

Les vacances c'est formidable pour la création. Voici mes nouveau nées inspirées directement d'un séjour à Saint Malo : des algues en feutre de laine qui sont aussi jolie en déco qu'autour de votre cou.

Nothing better for my creative skills than some holidays! A seaside trip to Saint Malo gave the idea for my latest felt art creations: seaweed. These awesome designs are as beautiful in home decor as around your neck!

Um die Kreativität wieder anzukurbeln, funktioniert bei mir nichts besser, als ein paar Tage Urlaub. Meine neusten Kreationen sind sogar direkt von einem Ausflug ans Meer in Saint Malo inspiriert. Diese tragbaren Algen sind gleichzeitig wunderschöne Deko-elemente, mit denen sich die Urlaubsstimmung auch im Haus verbreiten lässt. 

Felted Seaweed Art 

Hand felted seaweed between art jewelry and scarf

The beauty of  nature inspired my seaweed collection
Mermaid style - a seeweed creation as a necklace

wall art or art to wear - hard decison with thisbeautiful felted seaweed 

Decoratif art to wear - hand felted seaweed

Braown golden seaweed, hand felted and embroided - an amazing table decoration & example of contemporary fiber art 
Golden brown seaweed scarf from finest merino wool.

Dream of a mermaid - a seaweed to wear 

Get fanct - wear a felted seaweed creation in you hair

Workshops 2016

Ça y est le programme pour les stages 2. semestre 2016 est enfin établie. Il est dispo sur ma page web et je l'envoie bien volontairement en format pdf par mail. N'hésitez pas à me contacter !

Happy to announce the second semester 2016 workshops! You'll find more details on my website and on simple request I'll send you the program data by mail.

Die Termine für meine Workshops 2. Semester 2016 sind endlich festgelegt. Mehr dazun findet ihr auch auf meiber Webseite und wenn gewünscht, schicke ich gerne alle Informationen auch per pdf Datei an eure email Adresse. Einfach bei mir melden.

Feltworkers Experiment N°1: Marjolein Dallinga

We are so very proud to have amazing felt artist Marjolein Dallinga in our Feltworkers group. It seems strange to me to introduce her here as she has such a great reputation all over the world already. So just in case you don't know her yet, here some infos.

Marjolein is born in the Netherlands and studied art on Academy Minerva of Groningen (NL). In 1989 she emigrated to Canada.

Felt artist Marjolein Dallinga

Her first steps in felt were through jewelry design and toys but nowadays she is most well-known for her spectacular costumes. She’s the one who created some of the outstanding costumes for the famous “Cirque du Soleil” in Montréal and won three awards in the fantastic “World of Wearable Show” (WOW - Show) in New Zealand.
award winning costume design by Marjolein Dallinga

amazing sculpture to wear by Marjolein Dallinga

Living felt sculpture by Marjolein Dallinga 

She also created many art books and comic strips and participates in several exhibitions around the globe as for example at SOFA / Chicago, where she did a felted interior design for the gallry “Option Art”.

Marjolein is also a very well-known international teacher and inspired a lot of felters.

It’s so wonderful reading in her statement, that the fascination of felt is still stimulating her every day:

The natural world inspires me; its sounds, feel and touch, the textures and forms. My work is inspired by feelings, thoughts and dreams.
For several years I have tried to shape, sculpt, fold and cut this warm and woolly material through the process of felting during which it metamorphoses from an array of loose colorful fibers to a strong sturdy textile.
It is from the dance of conflicting emotions that creativity and art are born. Though sculpture is usually perceived as static I see it more as movement, the movement of wool from fibers into felt.

And as long as there is movement there is life.”

Exploring felt deep inside - felt art by Marjolein Dallinga

Felt art sculpture by Marjolein Dallinga

Marjolein Darlinga creates stunning and colorful art

Personal information:

Marjolein Dallinga
266, chemin du Sanctuaire
St .Sauveur ,PQ. J0R 1R1




Instagram: bl00mfelt

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Un stage feutré pas comme les autres - grand succès - First time textile exploration workshop,high fun - Filzworkshop mal ganz anders

Du 29 au 31 Mai 2016, le premier stage "Expérimentations textiles sans limites" a eu lieu dans mon nouveau atelier / showroom.
Loin de contraintes et interdiction, l'idée a été de mixer librement différentes techniques textiles pour créer  un œuvre d'art: teinture, peinture sur soie, feutrage, feutre nuno, feutre en relief, broderie en piquée libre...

From May 29th to 31th 2016, the first workshop “Unlimited Textile Experimentations” was held in my new workshop / showroom.
Without constrains and prohibition, the idea was to freely mix various textile techniques to create a work of art: dyeing, silk painting, felting, felt nuno, felt relief, free motion embroidery...

Vom 29 bis 31 Mai 2016, hat der erste Workshop "Unlimited Textile Experimentations" in meinem neuen Atelier stattgefunden
Die Idee dieses neuen Workshops ist es völlig frei  und ohne Verbote oder sonstige Einschränkungen verschiedene textile Techniken zu mixen, um ein Kunstwerk zu schaffen: Färben, Seidenmalerei, Filzen, Nunofilzen, freie Maschinenstickerei...

Cinq femmes, de tous niveaux se sont éclatées pendant 3 jours et le résultat sont extra.

Five women with different skill levels had a blast during 3 days and the results are stunning and beautiful.

Fünf Frauen mit sehr unterschiedlichen Vorkenntnissen, hatten während der 3 Tage sehr viel Spaß und die Ergebnisse sind vielfältig und kunstvoll.

Stunning beginner art during textile art workshop "Unlimted textile explorations"
art textile by workshop student
fiber art painting mixt média textil art by workshop student
another amazing art work by a student who felted for the first time in her life 
Amazing results in 3 day textile art workshop by Ariane Mariane - art textile / Paris

Ce stage a été un tel succès qu'il fera désormais parti de mon programme d'enseignement. Cependant il n'aura lieu que pendant la "belle saison" car la peinture et la teinture se vont à l'extérieur.

Les prochains stages "Expérimentations textiles sans limites" auront lieu du lundi 15 au mercredi 17 août 2016 (il ne reste plus qu'une seule place !!!) puis du lundi 12 au mercredi 14 septembre 2016.

Pour plus d’informations, n’hésitez pas de me contacter !

The workshop was such a success, that it will be part of my regular teaching program. However I’ll be able to teach only during the "good weather season" as we are painting and dying outside.

The next workshop “Unlimited Textile Experimentations " will be held from Monday 15th to Wednesday, 17th of August, 2016 (only one spot left!!!) and from Monday 12 to Wednesday, 14th of September, 2016.
Want more information? Please feel free to contact me!

Der Workshop war ein solcher Erfolg, dass er nun Teil meines regulären Lehrprogrammes sein wird. Allerdings nur während der "Gut-Wetter -Saison" da  Malerei und Färben draußen stattfinden.
Der nächste Workshop "Unlimited Textile Experimentations" findet vom Montag, 15. bis Mittwoch, 17. August 2016 (nur noch 1 Platz frei!!!) und vom Montag, 12. Bis Mittwoch, 14. September 2016 statt.

Für weitere Information einfach bei mir melden

Nouveau revendeur en Suisse - New retailer in Switerland -

Trop contente de pouvoir vous annoncer une adresse en Suisse allemande ou vous pouviez trouver désormais mes créations! 

C'est à la boutique:

YOU 2 

Marktgasse 22
CH - 4310 Rheinfelden 


TELEFON: +41 (0)62 213 00 51

You2 in Rheinfelden sells Ariane Mariane - art textile / Paris

This is the new, hot place in Switzerland where you can find some of my creations. 

Dies ist die Adresse, in der ihr nun einige meine Sachen life anschauen und kaufen könnt. 

Feltworkers Experiment N°1 - Ariane Mariane - art textile / Paris

Very strange exercise for me this week - I'll have to introduce myself as one of the 6* Feltworkers! If you never heard about the “feltworkers Experience n°1" please go here

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Embroidered Felt Art Selfportrait

Ok let’s start it the classical way:
I'm a German artist living & working in Paris, France, since 1995. I studied architecture and graphic design in Paris but through destiny and hazard turned into a textile artist. 

Well, to be honest, I probably always have been an artist in many ways (a messy, creative, out of the box thinker) but had some difficulties to make my coming out in a “normal” family. Studding architecture was the most creative profession I could imagine asking my parents to pay for.

I loved my studies especially as I did them in wonderful Paris. Studding architecture in the city of love was much (creative) fun. In France its less engineer focused than in Germany, what fits me greatly. But it came to the point of working as an architect I got terrified. I didn’t trust in my abilities of planning a building that would stand…

As I had the chance to start working as a free-lance graphical designer during my studies I decided to go ahead with this. It also allowed me to work from home and raise my wonderful daughter.

Felt art painting, animal art by Ariane Mariane - art textile / Paris

But then, in late 2004 I came across this amazing technique of wet feltmaking and immediately felt in love. I started it as a hobby, but was that much addicted that I spent more and more time rubbing wool fibers instead of working on my textile graphics.

After convincing my family and husband, that my love was true, strong and everlasting, I got settled as a textile artiste in 2008 and chose my two first names to become my artist name: “Ariane Mariane – art textile / Paris”.  

I’ve always been persuaded that art should be part of our everyday lives and make it brighter. What I cherish most in felt art, is that it allows to break down the limits between art and wearable.

Exploring surface design through wearabale art : Ariane Mariane - art textile / Paris

Made with love for détails and color - art vest "Buddy" by Ariane Mariane - art textile / Paris
Fiber paintings as warable art - Ariane Mariane - art textile art skirts

Although I regulary create visual art, my focus is on art garments and accessories. I’m foremost known for my art vests & skirts as well as sculptural bags and hats.

My reversible and convertible art garments are thought and designed like paintings. Each side is worked out carefully and with a huge love to witty details. Most of the time, each side is so different from each other that you hardly believe it is the same piece.

Hats and bags are worked out like sculptures and can also be exposed on a shelf, as examples of contemporary fiber art, if you aren’t wearing them.

Because of my funky, humoristic creations and my narrative style I got the nick name “The Storyteller” in our Feltworkers group.

Between art and fashion - scultptural art bags by Ariane Mariane - art textile / Paris. Here art bag "Bunny"
Taking life the fun way with wearable sculptural art here: Fishhatsculpture

Even though I’m specialized in wet felting I employ a huge palette of techniques. Most of my designs are free motion embroidered. I also paint on silk and handmade felt, use different dying techniques, transfer and paper cutting techniques. I’m always curious to learn and explore new skills.
Being an artist means to me, being able to deal with “what’s coming up”. Mastering several techniques increases my possibilities to deal with a given situation and allows me to find original solutions.
In my case, creating is very similar to playing. I most of the time jump into a new project without a former plan. I just start somewhere and see where my intuition takes me. It’s not always easy because ideas don’t show up when you are asking for.

Visual Felt Art by Ariane Mariane - art extile / Paris - triptic "Mother, Father, Son"

constantly work on several pieces in same time, they are nourishing each other. Sometimes I need weeks to finish an art work and may get really upset because I can’t find “the solution”. But I also now “the more I struggle the more I will be satisfied by the result”.
During the years, “mistakes” became my best friends. Today, when something doesn’t turn out as expected, I see it as an opportunity to challenge my creative mind.  
Through my own experience, Pablo Picassos affirmation “Inspiration exist but it has to find you working” became my slogan.  

That's it for now. If you want to read about me in French, please check Feltworker team member Cindy Larrat's blog. For a very flattering German post go to Maria Friese and if you read Japanese, you should see Feltworker Terumi Ohta’s blog.

Thank you for your support and don’t hesitate to like our Feltworkes Facebook page. Please share with friends and family and let’s rock felt art!!

*Yes there are 6 Feltworkers but we keep the last one secret for now - I'm sure you'll be amazed!

Feltworkers Experiment N°1: Maria Friese - the Felt archaeologist

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Award wining felt wallhanging "Cercle" by felt artist Maria Friese
Those of you who read my blog on a regular base, definitively know my good friend and talented felt artist Maria Friese. These last 5-6 years we‘ve done several expositions together and I stated them on this blog. For example our latest and very successful one - a retrospective of our work in Clermont Ferrand.  
It’s always fun and constructive to work with Maria and I’m very happy to have her by my side for our Feltworker ExperimentN°1!

sculptural felt art inspired by nature - a one of a kind Maria Friese design

Maria is formed in Textile Design but now a days sees herself more as an artist. Born in Germany, she lives and works for more than 10 years  in Southwest France, near Toulouse, in a picturesque natural countryside. From her Atelier she has a spectacular view on the Pyrenean Mountains.

Initially specialized on weaving techniques, Maria came across feltmaking nearly at the end of her textile design studies. This discovery blew her mind away and completely changed her life! In opposite to all textile techniques she tried out before, feltmaking opened up endless possibilities especially in surfaces and three-dimensional design.  She was that fascinated by all these possibilities to explore, that she fully jumped into this art and became a fulltime felt artist. 
Felt vase bu Maria Friese - felt design

Since 2006 Maria runs her own workshop. Her work is presented in French Galleries and expositions all over Europe. In 2013, her work “Cycle” – a monumental three-dimensional Wall hanging - won the “Young Designer Award” by Atelier Art de France. This precious prize honors excellent art of talented young designers and artists on an annual base.  

monumental, award winning felt art wall hanging by Maria Friese - felt design

Maria’s work is inspired by nature and geometry. Primarily it’s the geometry of natural forms, inhabiting all living elements, that fascinates her. As she says in her own words: “Analyzing and translating symmetrical orders into an art object allows me to connect with natural creation.  Small but very poetic irregularities just happen and make the objects vivid and organic. That's what I like in felting."

Inspired by nature and geometry - felt art by Maria Friese

The hidden, inconspicuous and unusual of underwater creatures, seed pods, plants, unusual structures and fossils in nature, captivates the artist every day and makes her affirm:  "Sometimes I feel like a kind of" Felt archaeologist”. Always looking for new secret forms and creatures.”

Wonderrful worked out detail by felt artist Maria Friese

The artist loves challenges and in each single project tries to push her own skills a little further. She explores the possibilities of three-dimensional and relief techniques.  Her high quality felt work has stunningly smooth surfaces and fascinates by its meticulous elaboration. Pattern and reliefs are worked out with poetry and bluffing details. Maria loves to work felt in a manner which seems to be oppose to its qualities. On first sight her objects seem to be ceramics, but on closer look warmth and vitality - caused by the character of sheep wool - radiate.
Unusual Underwater Creatures - Maria Friese - felt design 

For Maria felting is a proper art form and the most appropriated to implement her own personal style. It allows interpreting her feelings for nature and life in her very own language. It’s Art with a huge A.

To get deeper insights in Maria's art work check these links:

Atsuko Sasaki – Taneno

I'm very exited to introduce this week featured Feltworker, awesome AtsukoSasaki, alias "Taneno." to you. There are so many beautiful creations, that it was hard to choose which one I want to show to you here, so please be sure you check out all the links to see more about her stunning art!

Talented feltworker Atsuko Sasaki with her beautiful work

Atsuko Sasaki is a Japanese felt artiste, living and working in Gifu, Japan. Her label is called “Taneno”.

Graduated in Oil Painting from Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts in 1993, Atsuko work ever since as an artist. She’s participating in group exhibitions as well as holding solo shows. Asuko’s says: “I want to create ART with wool! I want to use wool as my paint! That is my world of felt — wool art that starts with an artistic point of view. I began to create accessible artwork that anyone can hold, use, and touch.”

Fancy art bag by japanese felt artist Atsuko Sasaki

Therefor Atsuko creates bags, scarves, hats and necklace, each one an outstanding piece of art. "Carry art♪" means to live with art.  That’s the concept of “taneno.” Atsuko Sasaki’s art label.

"Taneno." is art for body and soul

She works with felt for 15 years. Self-taught she learned all she knows the hard way by countless failures and endless researches. She usually spends 6 to 10 hours every day in her home studio.  Her handmade felt is very strong and high quality due to a great efforts. She wants to achieve the smoothest finish and endlessly rubs and compresses wool fibers with her hands until it is as strong as it can get. Wool has a soothing nature, but the work that goes into it is physical!

When Astuko begins a piece, she first draw the design in a sketchbook and creates the pattern paper, based on the sketch. Although she creates the same design with different colors, each design is individually unique, and no two are the same.

Amazing forms and very cool design - art bag by "Taneno"

Nature is her source of inspiration. Atsuko loves the shape and organically smooth curves of plants. They remind her of the softness and warmness of wool. Images get formed in her imagination and slowly a new design is born.
The artiste lobes the freedom wool felting admits. The felt medium allows her to freely design organic forms, the awesome irregular shapes are not possible with other materials. Even unusual shapes of bags are created without any seams.  These couldn’t be done with cloth and a sewing machine.
Atsuko’s wool felt bags are strong enough to enjoy them a lifetime.

Arty braclet hand felted by Atsuko Sasaki

Her work is labeled and sold under the name "taneno." Tane means plant seeds in Japanese. The planted seeds eventually grow into a big tree. A big tree develops out of a small seed. Seeds are small in size but house incredible potential. This is what Atsuko adore about seeds, and that’s why they became the namesake of her brand.  

Funky textile sculpture by "Taneno"

Enjoy her high quality felt artwork filled with love here:

website →
Facebook at, as Felt art taneno. or Atsuko Sasaki.

Boutique en ligne

Ariane Mariane / Paris

Ariane Mariane - art textile / Paris, combines graphical design and fiber art to make her easily recognizable, outstanding pieces.
Formed in architecture and graphical textil design she creates wall-hangings, sculptures, home decor, wearable art and accessories mostly by wet felting and stitching techniques. Her style is fancy and playful. She uses powerful colors and joyful designs in a narrative way with a lot of humor.


Mariane - art textile / Paris, associe dans son travail éclectique, un style graphique très personnel à un grand savoir-faire du feutrage et une passion pour le piquée libre. Formée en architecture et en design graphique textile à Paris, l’artiste, d'origine allemande, crée des tentures murales, sculptures, décoration, installations mais aussi de l’art vestimentaire et des accessoires

A travers son univers joyeux, Ariane Mariane nous invite à nous reconnecter avec l'enfance, ce monde magique où tout est possible. Elle cherche avant tout à nous étonner et à nous faire sourire. Chaque création nous propose de laisser libre cours à notre imagination et de l'adapter à nos envies.

Loin de la fabrication industrielle de masse et de son uniformité, les créations d'Ariane Mariane sont entièrement réalisées à la main, en respectant au maximum l'environnement. Durables et intemporelles, elles s'opposent à un monde où tout va vite et nous invitent à faire une pause...